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WayRay AR Tech Turns The Tesla Into A Game Console

The future is looking bright for car-based immersive entertainment.

WayRay, a deep-tech company specializing in holographic augmented reality (AR) displays for vehicles, is bringing its technology to Tesla cars for the first time, according to an official release.

The company recently announced that it has successfully fused its Deep Reality Display technology with the Tesla Model 3, allowing drivers, as well as passengers, access to a variety of virtual content while in the car, from GPS navigation and object detection to live road conditions and passenger entertainment.

Credit: WayRay

AR technology leads the way

The latest generation of its True AR HUD, WayRay’s Deep Reality Display is capable of projecting virtual imagery over the car’s surroundings at various depths. Said visual imagery actually reacts to real-world elements while you’re driving. This includes various navigational information such as upcoming turns, speed, and direction. The system can even track other cars as well as pedestrians and issue alerts in real time for improved safety.

In addition to navigation and safety, the Deep Reality Display also offers various entertainment options for passengers, including AR gaming. Similar to how navigational information is displayed over the real world, WayRay’s holographic technology can also display interactive visuals that blend organically with your surroundings, turning the vehicle into a game console on wheels. There’s even gaming content for drivers designed to keep their attention on the road.

Credit: WayRay

What I found especially interesting, however, was the mention of “infotainment,” a blend of information and gaming content that caters to each user’s specific interests. Based on the images provided, this includes everything from following a trail of virtual coins leading toward a specific destination to reading song lyrics as they appear over the road. Users can adjust how much information is visible, offering a full-customizable experience.

AR meets EVs

WayRay recently announced that it has successfully combined its dual driver and passenger Deep Reality Display with the Tesla Model 3, a battery-powered 4-door sedan first released back in 2017. The company states that the car is currently in Zurich, Switzerland, and will be arriving in the United States in the near future.

Credit: WayRay

The Tesla Model 3 was futuristic enough with its built-in autopilot functionality and car color customizer. With the addition of an interactive AR-powered HUD, the vehicle looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077. Between WayRay’s Deep Reality Display and HoloRide’s in-car elastic VR content, the future is looking bright for car-based immersive entertainment.

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Feature Image Credit: WayRay


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