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VR Sim Teaches You The Art Of Baggage Handling 

Immerse yourself in five challenging airport scenarios.

Airport Ground Handling Simulator VR is an upcoming VR simulator for PC VR headsets that puts you in the shoes of a ground handler and tasks you with completing a variety of activities as part of the turnaround process at a busy airport. 

The app was developed by AVIAR and is actually based on training software used by real airports around the world. The publicly available version comes with five scenarios in total: 

  • Pre-Arrival Ramp Checks
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Ground Support Equipment Connections
  • Aircraft Cargo Doors Operations
  • Pre-Departure Checks

There are even different weather and lighting conditions as well as random events and hazards designed to trip you up as you work. 

Airport Ground Handling Simulator VR will be available next month on PC VR headsets via Steam. Moving forward, the company plans on launching additional paid DLC with new scenarios. 

Image Credit: AVIAR


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