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VR Party Brawler Quantaar Launches Next Month

Square off against other players in a variety of challenges in this Super Smash Bros-like third-person competitive fighting game.

QUANTAAR, a new VR party brawling game from developer PumpkinVR, will finally launch on June 7th on SteamVR, Pico 4, and Meta Quest headsets after being in beta since 2022. The cross-platform battle royale pits players against one another in a variety of PvP games across the world. The game promises numerous modes, characters, and features that will keep you coming back for more.

An action-packed brawler

Players can command various dimensional heroes, such as the Assassin, Fighter, Generalist, and Shooter. Cores will let you fire and blast your way through various adrenaline-filled modes, such as 2v2, Brawler, and Soccer. You can also earn in-game tokens for unique skins and costumes to make your avatar your own.

Need some extra motivation during those especially tough matchups? QUANTAAR includes a kick-ass soundtrack featuring electronica, heavy metal, pop, rap, and more. Just make sure you’ve cleared some extra space so you’re able to battle (and dance) to your full potential.

Credit: Pumpkin VR

As you delve deeper into the Quantarverse, you’ll discover exotic locations, from the frozen mountains of Eternal Winter and the barren Desert Tombs to the faraway alien world known as Temple Ruins. Along the way, you’ll learn how to class attributes, outfit your heroes, and balance your groups to maintain a competitive edge.

Trust no one

Just remember, when it comes to multiplayer battles in QUANTAAR, no one is your friend…

Think of it like a mix between Super Smash Bros and Mario Party, only without the Nintendo-licensed characters. Thar said, QUANTAAR looks like something entirely own: quick bursts of VR action steeped in pure havoc. 

Credit: Pumpkin VR

QUANTAAR features several challenging arenas where players will have to face off against each other. There are also secrets that will be revealed in each stage which players can use to their advantage during battle. But you’ll need to be quick. You don’t want your opponents to find them before you do.

Foes and friends

As I mentioned earlier, QUANTAAR is a competitive PvP game at its heart. That said, not everything is about making enemies. In addition to VR battles, you can also meet new people in QUANTAAR social rooms. These include the Transport Hub and Playground, where you can do cool stuff like play air basketball, rock climb, and bowl while chatting with other players.

Credit: Pumpkin VR

Just remember to check your friendship at the door when you enter the battlefield.

Here are some key features (as provided by Pumpkin VR):

  • Master heroes with unique class attributes to win in-game rewards – then get new ones!
  • Enhance your hero with Cores and experiment with millions of combinations
  • Multiple arenas with diverse mechanics and items that assault contestants mid-battle
  • Three action-packed game modes: Brawler, 2v2, and Soccer
  • Personal space station to relax before the next rumble
  • Huge social hubs to meet new friends and party
  • Limited edition cosmetic skins and Observer accessories to always look fresh in the arena

Credit: Pumpkin VR

QUANTAAR launches across Quest 2, Pico 4, and SteamVR on June 7th. To keep up to date with the game you can join their Discord or follow the team on Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out their website and wishlist the game on Quest 2, Pico 4, and Steam.

Feature Image Credit: Pumpkin VR


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