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VR Journey Takes You ‘Behind The Scenes’ Of The Universe

The Utility Room is a megalithic VR experience coming soon to PC VR headsets.

The Utility Room is an upcoming VR experience that makes incredible use of scale to immerse you in a mind-bending journey that will take you across space to the edge of the Universe. There you’ll traverse a mysterious alien world inhabited by enormous stone-faced beings with little to no regard for your personal safety.

“This VR Journey takes you to the ‘behind the scenes’ of the Universe,” says the official description. “Beyond a door lies a barren landscape inhabited by strange stonefaced beings. Here, the maintenance and heavy lifting required keeps existence stable and temporal. You are a tourist. Don’t do anything foolish.”

Developer KingLumps describes The Utility Room as more of a “journey” than a full-fledged game, though there are various gameplay elements peppered throughout the experience. This includes the ability to jump over certain gaps and hide from enemies. That said, the real appeal is its use of scale.

The inhabitants of this world are big. Like, really big. So big, in fact, that the developer included a warning that states: “Those with megalophobia be warned that this game will make you feel very uncomfortable.”

The Utility Room is scheduled to launch in January 2023 on PC VR headsets via Steam. The experience is actually a reimagining of a 360-degree animated film released back in 2019. You can watch the film now on YouTube.

For more information on The Utility Room visit here.

Image Credit: KingLumps


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