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VR City Builder Little Cities Adds Little Citizens

You can even interact with your miniature citizens by waving your hand.

The popular VR city-building game Little Cities has received a new free update that introduces a tiny community to your tiny metropolis.

Available now on Meta Quest headsets, the Little Citizens Update promises to add more life to your cities by inhabiting them with miniature residents. Instead of collecting dust, amenities such as sports stadiums and public parks will now be filled with different city slickers looking to get the most out of their new home.

In the trailer above, we see everything from adorable hang gliders and amusement park attendees to adorable construction workers and sunbathers. As your city continues to expand so too will the size of your population. You can even say hello to your fellow townsfolk by waving your hand.

Credit: Purple Yonder, nDreams

“We’re delighted to welcome Little Citizens to the game, bringing a genuinely game-changing sense of hustle and bustle to Little Cities,” said James Howard, co-founder of Purple Yonder, in an official release. “We’ve been working hard to deliver this popular community ask and I really can’t wait to see our fantastic player community discover all the joyful quirks and habits of their new tiny population.”

The Little Citizens Update is available now as a free download to existing owners of Little Cities. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Purple Yonder, nDreams


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