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This VR Shooter Turns Your Hands Into Sci-Fi Weapons

The finger gun has never been more powerful…

Available now on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets, Rogue Ascent VR is a new VR game that immerses you in the role of a science-fiction hero tasked with saving the planet of Tiamat IV from a hostile enemy force.

Best described as a procedurally-generated roguelike sci-fi shooter, the game has you battling your way through a sprawling space station while taking down unique bosses using an arsenal of customizable weaponry. As you navigate deeper into the station, you’ll come across additional perks, gadgets, and upgrades you can use to boost your lethality.

What’s especially cool, however, is the hand-tracking gameplay powered by Meta Quest. Instead of your Touch controllers, you play the game with your bare hands by performing simple hand gestures. In order to fire your weapons, for instance, you make the classic finger gun gesture. If you wish to generate a protective shield, you hold both of your hands up in front of you while clenching your fists.

Credit: Clique Games

Other unique features include procedural maps and objectives for improved replayability, neon visuals, and a soundtrack that changes depending on your in-game decisions. There’s even native Twitch integration, allowing you to livestream gameplay to an audience that can directly impact your experience by spawning enemies and items.

“All humans have a desire to play, in one way or another. And as the creators of Rogue Ascent
VR, we believe that those who choose VR for their “play” should be offered the very best, most
innovative experiences possible,” said Jordan McGraw, CEO of Nooner Bear Studio in an official release. “Rogue Ascent offers a replayable, addicting, fulfilling experience you can talk about with friends and
other players in the community.”

Credit: Clique Games

Rogue Ascent VR is now available for $24.99 via the Meta Quest Store. The game was developed by Nooner Bear Studio and published by Clique Games. For more information visit

Feature Image Credit: Clique Games


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