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SenseGlove’s New VR Gloves Feature ‘Palm Feedback’

Feel virtual objects in the palm of your hands with the company’s latest force-feedback gloves.

SenseGlove, a leading provider of haptic feedback technology, this week unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of force-feedback gloves, Nova 2. The second generation of SenseGlove Nova, Nova 2 promises even more realistic interactions with virtual objects by allowing you to “feel” their size and stiffness in more detail thanks to the use of Active Contact Feedback.

Nova 2 is the first of its devices to offer “palm feedback.” While force feedback increases immersion at your fingertips by restricting your fingers’ movements, palm feedback simulates the feeling of holding an object in the palms of your hands. According to SenseGlove, this combination of technology will introduce a new range of realistic sensations, from shaking hands to breaking glass.

SenseGlove also notes how the device can also be used to simulate power tools like drills and grinders as well as various other objects, such as hammers and stress balls.

Credit: SenseGlove

“Since the launch of SenseGlove, we have been gathering feedback about the desired features,” said SenseGlove CEO Frank Goovaerts in an official release. “One of the most requested features was the ability to feel feedback on the palm of the hand, just as one would in real life. With Nova 2.0, we have been able to incorporate this feature, all while maintaining the wireless and compact design of the gloves.”

SenseGlove’s Nova 2 will begin shipping to customers in Q4 2023 for $5,999. SenseGlove is also now offering its original Nova gloves for $3,999 ($1,000 off). Those interested can try Nova 2 for themselves at AWE 2023 from May 31st to June 2nd, 2023.

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