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Pistol Whip’s VR Modding Tool Launches This June

Think of it like Mario Maker, but way more violent…

Last month, developer Cloudhead Games launched an open beta for Pistol Mix, an official PC modding tool for its popular VR rhythm game Pistol Whip that allows you to craft your own original levels from the ground up.

You can select the audio track, choose where to place enemies, customize the environment, adjust lighting and color, and implement a number of special fx. Once you’re finished creating you can share your masterpiece with other players online via You can also browse through and play a catalog of “Remixed” Scenes developed by other players.

Credit: Cloudhead Games via YouTube

“From new reimaginings of iconic game experiences, to sheer meme madness, the ability to mod VR games has become a beloved backbone of the community,” said the team in an official release. “The team at Cloudhead Games is thrilled to throw open the doors to the VR modding community, inviting them to remix this classic game to their own unique beat, and create the Scenes of their dreams.”

The full version of Pistol Mix was originally scheduled to launch on May 31st, 2023. Since then, however, the team has chosen to extend the open beta, pushing the final launch date to June 14th, 2023. The full release will also include an update that allows PC VR as well as Meta Quest players the ability to browse and install Remixed scenes directly in-game, rather than having to deal with manual installs.

“The Pistol Mix Open Beta was extremely successful and resulted in excellent feedback from our modding community,” said the team in a follow-up post. “By extending the Beta and the release date for the tool by two weeks, our team will be able to improve Pistol Mix with new features and a polished user experience.”

As previously mentioned, Cloudhead Games is currently hosting an open beta for Pistol Mix. Those interested in learning more can visit here. You can also check out the official Discord for additional details and updates.

Feature Image Credit: Cloudhead Games


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