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Mixed Reality FPS Spatial Ops Teased For Quest 2 & Quest Pro

I can’t stop thinking about this proof-of-concept multiplayer experience.

VR developer Resolution Games is taking full advantage of the Quest Pro’s full-color passthrough technology. A video shared recently on Twitter shows employees playing a proof-of-concept mixed reality game called Spatial Ops and I can’t stop thinking about it.

In the video, players can be seen ducking behind real-world objects and virtual barriers to avoid enemy fire as well as collecting power-ups by traversing their physical space. The POV footage itself only shows players using Quest 2 VR headsets. Part of the video is in black and white, meaning it was recorded using a Quest 2 headset. Some of the footage, however, is in full color, which meant it was captured using the new Quest Pro headset. 

Spatial Ops is still an early-phase proof-of-concept game, but impressive nonetheless. Through a co-location system, players are able to interact with each other and navigate through their surroundings using multiple headsets.

In a tweet exchange between Resolution Games and Aiden Wolf of ARHouseLA, Wolf asked, “Looks fantastic but always curious of the setup time – what went into mapping the space? Is the mapping done all on device? Are the obstacles hand placed? How are players synced? How long does it take to jump in?”

The tweet master behind Resolution Games responded, saying “Great questions, This game is still in the early concept phase and we’re ironing out details. We’ll share more when we can.”

At this point, Resolution Games is just enjoying the idea of experimenting with the Quest Pro’s passthrough technology and uncovering all of its potential and possibilities. For some on Twitter, this was Resolution Games flexing some serious muscle, showing “legit VR innovation yet again with this awesome Mixed Reality title in the early concept phase!”

With a $1500 price tag, Meta is clearly marketing their Quest Pro as an enterprise VR tool, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have some social gaming fun! After all, the accounting team deserves to get destroyed during a gaming break.

At the moment Spatial Ops has no release date, but maybe if everyone stands in front of their bathroom mirror at the same time and on the same day, and says “Resolution Games Spatial Ops” three times in a row, we could see an eventual release.

Image Credit: Resolution Games


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