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Meta Quest Update Adds New Hand-Tracking Features

Direct Touch and in-game multi-tasking will begin rolling out on headsets over the next few weeks.

Meta has introduced a number of significant updates to its lineup of standalone VR headsets over the years. Today, the company announced yet another update that will begin rolling out on Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets over the next few weeks.

V50 introduces a variety of exciting upgrades, including Direct Touch for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, a new feature that allows you to interact with the Quest user interface using your own two hands. Instead of using your Touch or Touch Pro controllers, you can tap buttons with your index fingers to navigate menus and type using the virtual keyboard. You’ll find this feature in the Experimental Settings tab.

Credit: Meta

There’s also a new hand-tracking-based locomotion option you can try out in the free First Hand hand tracking demo.

In addition to Direct Touch, Meta has also announced in-game multitasking for Quest 2. Already available on Quest Pro, the multitasking feature allows you to access the Meta Quest Browser and various other 2D apps without having to leave your current game. This could prove useful when you’re in the middle of a role-playing adventure like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and need to access a walkthrough guide or find yourself in need of a better loadout in-between rounds of Contractors.

Credit: Meta

The Quest Pro is also receiving some love in the form of improved Quest Pro controller tracking. Update v50 reduces the amount of time it takes for the Quest Pro to begin tracking the Touch Pro controllers, allowing you to hop into your games and apps even faster. The time it takes for your headset to switch from controller to hand-tracking has also been reduced.

For more information check out the official release here.

Feature Image Credit: Meta


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