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Meta Quest 2 On Sale Up To $70 Off For Black Friday

Every purchase comes with a free copy of Resident Evil 4 VR.

In celebration of the 2022 Holiday Season, Meta is offering a $50 discount on all Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. As if that weren’t cool enough, the company is also giving away a free copy of Resident Evil 4 VR with every purchase.

For a limited time, you can purchase the 128GB version of Meta Quest 2 for $349.99 (normally $399.99). The 256GB version of the device, which normally costs $499.99, is actually available for $70 off ($429.99) at the moment.

Meta Quest 2 is a standalone VR headset, which means no additional hardware is required in order to operate. Each headset comes with a pair of Touch controllers as well as support for hand-tracking, allowing you to interact with the virtual world using your bare hands.

As previously mentioned, Meta is offering a free copy of Resident Evil 4 VR (normally $39.99) with every purchase. Released back in October 2021, Armature Studio’s remake of the massively-popular action-horror game is arguably one of the best single-player experiences available on VR headsets at the moment.

If you own a headset but not the game, you can pick up Resident Evil 4 VR for 40% off for a limited time via the Quest Store.

But the deals don’t end there. This past August, Meta was forced to increase the price of all Quest 2 VR headsets by $100 due to a rise in shipping and development costs. To help ease the pain, the company is offering a free copy of the hit VR rhythm game Beat Saber (normally $29.99) with every new purchase.

You can pick up a discounted Meta Quest 2 VR headset and two free games now via or one of the following retailers: Best Buy, GameStop, AmazonTarget, and Walmart.

Feature Image Credit: Meta


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