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How VR Technology Can Help Stop Wildfires

Intellic Technologies is just one company using immersive technology to train pilots.

A new partnership sees wildland fire simulation software provider Becker Support Services team up with Anchor Flank & Pinch, a purveyor of ground and aerial firefighting training services, to form a new company, Intellic Technologies, dedicated to providing various organizations with safe and efficient wildland fire training using immersive technology.

The system utilizes the FS3D virtual wildland training hardware and software to immerse pilots in hyper-realistic training scenarios featuring VR and mixed reality technology, photo-realistic imagery, and scientific fire growth modeling.

“We’ve been working together with AFP for several years in the development of our proprietary software, FS3D, and integrating it into training programs for some of the largest wildland firefighting organizations in the country,” said Trevor Maynard, chief technology officer at Intellic Technologies, in an official release. “This merger brings the best of all training options with immersive, virtual, and cost-effective experiences to reduce the risks of one of the most dangerous jobs today.”

Credit: Intellic Technologies, Inc.

“With the growing impact of climate change and increasing threat from wildfires, we’re helping create better-managed wilderness and landscapes using optimal fire management and suppression tools and tactics that help save lives, property, and our natural surroundings,” added Ryan Becker, CEO of Intellic Technologies. “We’re creating training services and software with the latest knowledge and strategies to provide the most effective aerial and ground training possible.”

According to Intellic Technologies, the FS3D wildland fire training simulator is designed for aerial and ground support companies, government agencies, and U.S. ally wildfire organizations.

For more information on the FS3D system and Intellic Technologies visit

Feature Image Credit: Intellic Technologies, Inc.


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