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How Audi Used AR Tech To Build Its New Concept Car

Immersive technology could play a major role in the future of automotive manufacturing.

Earlier this year we reported on the Audi activesphere, a unique concept vehicle featuring a virtual user interface powered by augmented reality (AR) technology. This week the German automotive manufacturer revealed that the next-gen car was actually developed using AR technology as well.

Credit: Magic Leap

The Audi activesphere does away with conventional button and touchscreen controls in favor of a virtual interface accessible using AR glasses. The system can tell what part of the vehicle you’re looking at and display interactive controls for each corresponding component. Looking at the AC fans, for example, reveals several temperature controls accessible via hand-tracking technology.

“Removing physical displays and touchscreens creates a new experience space for the passengers while using the power of mixed reality opens up new possibilities to intuitively integrate them into the mobility ecosystem and it goes even beyond the car,” said Jan Pflueger, creative technologist at Audi Design in an official release.

In order to bring this futuristic system to life, Audi used the Magic Leap 2 mixed reality headset in combination with the Audi Design Studio, which has been used to design the company’s fourth sphere concept car.

“The centerpiece of the new system is innovative mixed reality headsets – available individually for each driver and passenger. Users also have access to a comprehensive digital ecosystem while they’re in the Audi activesphere,” the company said in a press release.

Credit: Audi

“The Audi activesphere concept is the first to use a pioneering generation of this technology, which in turn adds the dimension of interaction to the dimension of superimposed real and digital worlds. With unprecedented optical precision, highest resolution, and excellent contrast, the system brings control surfaces and displays, invisible to the unaided eye, into the user’s field of vision while behind the steering wheel.”

For more information check out the full update here.

Feature Image Credit: Audi


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