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Half-Life 2: VR Beta Coming Next Month To PC VR Headsets

Valve’s near-perfect first-person shooter is finally coming to SteamVR headsets.

After years of development hell, Half-Life 2: VR will be available in open beta this coming September on PC VR headsets. Work on the highly-anticipated mod originally began back in 2017 only to hit an unexpected dead end. In 2021, new team members stepped in to help revitalize the project.

Almost a year later and the team is now prepared to share their hard work with the public via an upcoming open beta on PC VR headsets and the Meta Quest via Air Link.

“A project as large and ambitious as Half-Life 2: VR is never truly finished. There is a lot that we still want to do, and still want to improve on, to make it the best VR experience we possibly can,” said the Source VR Mod Team in an official update.

“However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our private beta testers over the past few weeks has convinced us that the game as it is now can not only be fully completed from start to finish, but it’s also very enjoyable to do so, and we wish to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourselves.”

According to the team, the Half-Life 2: VR open beta will begin sometime next month, most likely on a Friday. The mod will be available to download 100% free of charge, though you will need to own a copy of Half-Life 2 on PC in order to play in VR.

“Unfortunately, at this point in time, we do not know if the initial public release will happen on Steam. We are still waiting for approval by Valve, and we do not know how much longer that will take,” added the team. “If our Store page gets approved by September, we will launch on Steam as planned. If not, we will prepare an alternative launch outside of Steam.”

For more information visit here.

Image Credit: Valve Inc.


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