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Gorilla Tag Is Adding A New VR Paintball Game Mode

Everyone’s favorite ape simulator is about to get even better.

This week developer Another Axiom announced a new game mode for its smash-hit multiplayer game Gorilla Tag. In a video posted on Twitter, players can be seen battling it out across the original map using paintball-firing slingshots.

Similar to Mario Kart’s ‘Battle Mode,’ each player is equipped with three balloons representing each of their respective health. Each time they’re struck by a paintball fired by an opposing player, they lose one balloon. Once all of their balloons have been popped, the player is eliminated from the game.

According to Gorilla Tag developer @LemmingVR, the new game mode is currently in beta. There’s no word yet on an official release, though the company recommends you keep an eye out for additional news. Whether or not this new game mode will be available for other maps, including custom maps, remains to be seen.

Despite its humble beginnings, Gorilla Tag has quickly risen to become one of the most popular VR games currently available on mainstream headsets, due in large part to its one-of-a-kind locomotion system which has the player using their upper body to move around the environment like a super-powered gorilla.

Gorilla Tag is available now for free on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. You can also explore a massive collection of custom maps built by the community over at

Image Credit: Another Axiom


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