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Fatboy Slim Hosted An Outrageous Dance Party In VR

The iconic English DJ just proved that virtual raves are here to stay.

Last month, legendary electronic music artist Norman Cook, better known by his stage name “Fatboy Slim,” held what could be easily considered one of the most over-the-top and outright bizarre live performances of his career inside VR.

Hosted on the virtual social platform ENGAGE, the “Eat, Sleep, VR Repeat” event featured everything from captivating visual effects to original animations, all of which were designed to immerse audiences in the mind of the veteran musician and record producer. Throughout the 45-minute live concert, attendees were treated to a variety of unique virtual sets and, of course, iconic Fatboy Slim tracks such as “Praise You,” “Rockafeller Skank,” and “Weapon of Choice,” featuring the equally iconic Christopher Walken.

“While there have been music performances in the metaverse before, the Fatboy Slim concert took things to the next level with many different areas to explore, visuals and audio that enhanced attendees’ senses making the virtual event an almost hypnotic experience,” said David Whelan, CEO and co-founder of ENGAGE XR, in an offcial release. “Norman wanted to make sure that his fans were treated to the VR event of the year and he didn’t disappoint.”

“The Fatboy Slim concert demonstrates the versatility and capabilities of VR and how corporations to creatives can build their own worlds within ENGAGE to be used for entertainment, business engagements and so much more.”


This latest live event marks the launch of ENGAGE LINK, a connected metaverse experience catering specifically to enterprise, education, and creative professionals. The platform is composed of connected “Plazas,” such as Entertainment Plaza and Education Plaza. Each location features its own unique content to enjoy.

“The launch of ENGAGE LINK is a huge moment for ENGAGE XR, transforming us into a leading metaverse technology company that can help create and bring the metaverse strategies of leading global organizations to life,” added Whelan on the offical website.


“While other metaverses have focused on the social, advertising and entertainment opportunities, we are creating a platform that will allow companies to more effectively engage with employees, customers, and suppliers around the world and provide a new way for educational institutions to engage with their students.”

The full “Eat Sleep VR Repeat” concert will be available for download at a later date. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Engage XR


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