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Experience What It’s Like To Die In This VR Simulation

Catch a glimpse of the other side with this immersive art installation.

What happens after you die? It’s a question as old as time and one that artist Shaun Gladwell is committed to answering. This week the Australian-based creative debuted an immersive art piece at the Melbourne Now event that’s designed to simulate what it’s like to pass on to the other side.

Described as an “out of body” interactive experience on the official website, Passing Electrical Storms guides users through a virtual recreation of the dying process, from cardiac arrest all the way to brain death.


Its Actually pretty hectic. Doctors trying to revive you, vibrating bed and floating into space.

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One TikTok user in attendance at Melbourne Now, croom12, documented their experience, which included VR, a vibrating hospital bed, and a one-way trip into space. Attendees were apparently hooked up to heart rate monitors and instructed to raise their hands if they were too stressed by the experience and wished to quit.

“It was really cool, as you put on the goggles you see yourself laying on the bed from above so it really changed the experience from just the traditional VR as you are able to step outside of yourself from a different perspective,” said croom12 according to The New York Post.


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♬ original sound – Marcus

“It does make you contemplate what happens after death, it also gives you a sense of the scale of both universes within and outside of our bodies,” they added. “If anything it makes you marvel at the possibility of life in the first place.”

Shaun Gladwell’s Passing Electrical Storms is open to the public now at the Melbourne Now event until August 10th, 2023. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Shaun Gladwell, BADFAITH and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne


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