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AR-Powered Hard Hats Could Improve Workers’ Health

The device can be attached to different types of headgear and used for a variety of occupations.

RUMEN is an augmented reality (AR) heads-up display that allows its wearer to adjust the lighting of their real-world environment in real-time. According to designers Hoyeon Shin, Siwook Lee, Seunghyun Hwang, and Jihyun Hong, the device can reduce the eye strain of workers while improving their efficiency in the workplace using a combination of helpful features.

In addition to LED lights surrounding the headset, there’s also a front-facing display screen and controls located on either side of the device. A simple user interface allows the wearer to navigate through a small selection of options.

“From tasks that require high concentration to simple tasks, RUMEN can be used in a variety of ways,” said the design team. “By providing appropriate illumination for the work, eye strain can be reduced and work can be performed more safely.”

Users can zoom in to their environment and snap photos using the onboard camera and chat remotely with team members via the built-in microphones and speakers. Located on the back of the device are the charging port and battery.

In terms of ergonomics, RUMEN is made from a thermoplastic polymer and features a polyurethane cushion for a comfortable in-headset experience. On the back is a dial which can be used to tighten or loosen the device.

RUMEN itself can be attached to a variety of headgear and used for a number of different occupations.

“It doesn’t only apply to helmets, it can also be worn on hats and heads in general. The presentation of various wearing methods can target a wider range of occupations” added the team. “And as it directly touches the body, the material selection and design were carried out to reduce the burden on the body when worn for a long time.”

For more information you can check out a detailed breakdown of the device here.

Image Credit: Hoyeon Shin, Siwook Lee, Seunghyun Hwang, Jihyun Hong


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