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All The VR News From The 2023 PlayStation Showcase

PlayStation’s latest gaming event featured a number of PlayStation VR2 announcements.

Earlier today, Sony PlayStation kicked off its 2023 PlayStation Showcase, teasing a generous amount of highly-anticipated games on their way to PlayStation 5 consoles. This includes Spider-Man 2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Resident Evil 4: VR Mode just to name a few.

We also received our fair share of PlayStation VR2 reveals. The following is a brief rundown of every VR announcement from today’s live stream:

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2

One of the scariest VR games of 2019 is back and looks more terrifying than ever thanks to headset-based haptics. The original game tasked players with completing a series of terrifying minigames based on the original series. According to developer Steel Wool Games, we can expect even more content in the form of new animatronics, games, and locations.

“Help Wanted 2 will feel familiar to players who experienced the first game, but with all new games, locations, story, and animatronics. Do your best to complete your work as fast and as diligently as you can, but be careful,” said Ray McCaffrey, executive Producer at Steel Wool Studios.

“One wrong move at this job can lead to… unexpected consequences. Utilizing the enhanced power and fidelity of PS VR2, this title will be the most immersive, heart-racing Five Nights at Freddy’s title ever. PS VR2 sense controller and headset haptics let players feel every step, rumble, and shake as you race to complete your tasks on time. VR brings players even closer to the animatronics than ever before, just not too close, they have been known to bite.”

For more information visit here.

First Look: Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

Available as free DLC for the PlayStation 5 game, Resident Evil 4 VR Mode promises VR survival horror on an unprecedented scale. While it’s true we already have a Resident Evil 4 VR game for Meta Quest 2, this latest version features jaw-dropping graphics that look almost too realistic. According to developer Capcom, we’ll be able to play through the full campaign in VR.

“VR gameplay allows you to enter the world of Resident Evil 4 with the ultimate immersion experience. One of the themes of the RE4 was to delve deeper into the intentions of the original game, so the scares and intensity are more pronounced, but when played in VR you can enjoy even more intense and unsettling situations,” said Edvin Edsö, promotion producer at Capcom.

For more information visit here.

Arizona Sunshine 2

Okay, this might be my favorite reveal of the afternoon. The original Arizona Sunshine was released all the way back in the good old days of 2016 and remains one of, if not the most memorable, VR zombie games of all time. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia talking, but developer Vertigo Games’ unique blend of satisfying gunplay and entertaining color commentary will always stand out to me.

Based on the trailer, we can expect the same level of comedic storytelling and gruesome gameplay, plus a brand-new melee combat system, weapons, and locations. It looks like we’ll even be joined by a furry (yet deadly) canine companion.

“Welcome back to sun-kissed, zombified Arizona. Take on the form of our dark-humored protagonist once more and set out on the cinematic next chapter of our VR journey in search of answers,” said Niklas Kaeding, global PR manager at Vertigo Games. “In a post-apocalyptic world where every bullet counts, experience the thrill of realistic combat as you wield all-new and fan-favorite weapons–from shotguns to machetes and flamethrowers.”

For more information visit here.

Story Details: Synapse

Today we learned more about the story of Synapse, an upcoming action-packed VR first-person shooter that tasks you with mowing down waves of enemies using a combination of deadly firepower and “one-to-one” telekineses. In order to save the world, you’ll need to travel inside the mind of Colonel Peter Conrad, a former black ops leader gone rogue and the primary antagonist of the game.

The game also features a stellar voice cast that includes Jennifer Hale (Cortana from the Halo series) as your handler, Clara Sorensen, and David Hayter (Solid Snake from Meta Gear Solid), as the powerful Colonel Conrad.

“A couple of things drew me to Synapse. The first was that the game looks amazing – the team at nDreams have done a fantastic job, the writing is excellent, and the visuals are AMAZING, plus the team is really great to work with,” said Jennifer Hale. “The second thing that called to me was the opportunity to help defeat David, which I will always say yes to 😎. I’ll see you when you report for duty on July 4, Agent.”

For more information visit here.

Now Available: Beat Saber’s Queen Music Pack

One of the greatest bands of all time is finally available on one of the greatest VR rhythm games of all time with the arrival of the Queen Music Pack on Beat Saber. Available now on PlayStation VR2 headsets, this chart-topping DLC features 11 songs from the iconic British rock band. Each track comes with a new custom environment and light show, all for $13.99. Thanks, Beat Games!

“The Queen Music Pack is a carefully curated track list full of great rock anthems from the band that redefined not only the music industry but influenced culture and lifestyle as well,” said Michaela Dvorak, product marketing lead at Beat Games. “The new custom environment features the silhouettes of the band members and a beautiful light show, unique to each song. All the levels also include our latest game mechanic: Arc & Chain Notes. Music packs are sold as additional content to the game.”

For more information visit here.

New Details: Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Coming this summer, Crossfire: Sierra Squad promises plenty of adrenaline-fueled arcade action as you step into the role of an elite fireteam leader and shoot your way through 15 single-player missions and 50 cooperative squad missions. According to the developer, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with 39 different weapons, from shotguns and snipers to pistols and RPGs.

“One of the great things about VR is that the action can happen all around you, including behind and above,” said Fred White, director of marketing at Smilegate West. “You’ll engage with heavy artillery like helicopters and LAV’s in full 360-degree VR space, so be sure to keep your head on a swivel at all times because the danger can come from anywhere, and it isn’t always in front of you.”

For more information visit here.

For more information on all of today’s announcements, check out the full livestream above. You can also visit the official PlayStation blog.

Feature Image Credit: Sony PlayStation


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