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ActiveLook Brings ‘Light AR’ To Sports Sunglasses

Augmented reality for athletes.

MicroOLED, an electronics company specializing in OLED microdisplays, earlier this week announced the latest version of its ActiveLook System, a see-through heads-up display designed for sports brands and eyewear manufacturers. The device provides users with key performance data in real-time, allowing them to stay informed while remaining focused on their training.

The system can be used with a variety of sports glasses from manufacturers such as ENGO, Julbo, and Cosmo. According to MicroLED, ActiveLook can be paired with smartphones, smartwatches, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices to access even more performance-related data.

“The very strength of ActiveLook lies in the simplicity of the solution and in the flexibility of an open platform that raise new and exciting prospects for an increasing number of applications for multiple user segments: endurance sports, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, motorbiking and much more,” said the company in an official release.

ActiveLook 2.0 introduces a number of improvements to ActiveLook-enabled eyewear. This includes everything from additional customization options and an improved user interface to better Bluetooth low-energy connections and a stronger software development kit.

Here are a few of the benefits of ActiveLook 2.0 (as provided by the company):

  • Real-time intuitive “heads up” display of critical sports data, without distraction.
  • ActiveLook hardware provides lightweight, excellent brightness, and a best-in-class battery life of 10-12 hours.
  • Garmin Data Field integration enables any available data to appear in the user’s natural field of view, using a wide range of Garmin sports watches or cycling computers.

“Deploying ActiveLook via Garmin Data Fields enables Garmin users to gain real-time access to all the great sensor data available within the Garmin ecosystem,” said Xavier Bonjour, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at MicroOLED. “Instant, intuitive access to real-time performance data is a game changer for endurance athletes – in training and in competition.”

“Speed, distance, cadence, elapsed time, heart rate, power – these are just a few of the data types users can see in their natural field of view, without slowing down to look at their watch or bike computer,” he added. “ActiveLook compatible products give athletes the ability to see performance status, at a glance. The new implementation of Garmin Data Fields enables users to personalize their display like never before.”

ActiveLook 2.0 is available now on iOS and the Google Play Store 100% free of charge. As previously mentioned, the system is compatible with a number of sports eyewear. For a complete list of available products visit here.

Image Credit: MicroOLED


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