McDonald’s worker gets robbed in drive-thru on day 2 of the job

man hand on McDonald's cash register drawer caption 'Second day working and this happens' mcdonald's' (l) McDonald's drive thru sign outside (c) man stealing cash from McDonald's cash register drawer caption 'Second day working and this happens' mcdonald's' (r)

‘Yeah enjoy your $76.’

A McDonald’s worker was allegedly robbed through the store’s drive-thru during his second day on the job.

TikToker Jayc (@j4aycc) posted a recording of the incident on TikTok, where it garnered 456,000 views as of Wednesday. In the video, a man in a hoodie leans through the drive-thru window into the store, grabbing cash out of a cash register. A McDonald’s employee wearing a Santa hat helps pull the drawer out to make it easier for the robber to grab the cash.

“Second day working and this happens,” text overlay reads.

@j4aycc what a day #fyp #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Jayc

In the comments, multiple viewers called out the employee for not trying to stop the robber.

“And of course, the guy in the hat is like yeah of course you can take our money go right on ahead,” one viewer commented.

“As nobody even tries to stop him,” another commented.

Other viewers sided with the employee, saying he likely doesn’t get paid enough to risk trying to stop a robber.

“Idk why everyone’s saying ‘of course nobody stopped him’ would you? is minimum wage worth your life? a multi billion $ company losing $80 ain’t worth,” one user said.

“No one in the comments has worked a job in their life. Acting like we’re supposed to put on our cape and fight back,” a second user said.

Some commenters pointed out that many fast-food restaurants have insurance policies that cover robberies. Plus, most fast-food restaurant managers are tasked with emptying cash registers into a safe on an almost hourly basis.

“Guys insurance companies exist there not worried about it company policy too just let them take it,” one viewer said.

Another viewer commented, “at most there’s like $250 in registers, and my managers count money hourly and put it in the safe…plus it’s insured…not worth it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jayc via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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