‘Guess he’s the king now’: Did the Cure’s Robert Smith predict the Queen’s death?

Robert Smith singing into microphone while holding guitar (l) Queen Elizabeth II in sage green outfit including hat waving (r)

‘Okay but the uprising part.’

TikTok is awash in memes and misinfo about Queen Elizabeth‘s death, and then there’s the theory that Robert Smith, frontman of the Cure, predicted her death 10 years ago.

On Thursday, the account @filthyciggy posted a clip from a 2012 interview with Smith from Germany’s Hurricane Festival. The full interview is a little over 30 minutes, but toward the end Smith starts talking about how much he’s “always hated the Royal Family,” in partial reference to the Diamond Jubilee that took place in 2012. The interviewer posits that the Queen is still very “popular.”

“The Queen’s gonna die on September the… 7th,” Smith replies. “And there will be a huge uprising. And I will be made king.”

@filthyciggy this feels prophetic #greenscreenvideo #robertsmith #thecure #thequeen ♬ original sound – morgan🪩

Smith was joking, but he missed the date by one day and 10 years. (If you believe the Queen actually died on Sept. 8.) His hatred of the monarchy is also well-documented.

“Okay but the uprising part,” said one commenter on the TikTok, looking toward the future.

We reached out to Smith’s reps via email for comment.


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