NVIDIA CES 2023 Special Address Live Blog (8am PT/16:00 UTC)

11:00AM EST – Thanks for joining us for another CES

11:00AM EST – Kicking things off this year, we have NVIDIA's "special address" presentation

11:00AM EST – Starting things off is Jeff Fisher

11:01AM EST – Expect this to be fast and furious, covering several of NVIDIA's business segments

11:01AM EST – First off, gaming

11:01AM EST – Recapping the Ada Lovelace Architecture

11:02AM EST – Ada introduced the hardware needed for DLSS 3, NVIDIA's frame interpolation technology

11:03AM EST – Look for NVIDIA's next DLSS 3 update later this quarter

11:03AM EST – 50 released or soon-to-be-released DLSS 3 titles

11:04AM EST – Now running a demo real of DLSS 3 games

11:04AM EST – And plugging new games that will have DLSS 3 support, including People Can Fly's Witchfire

11:05AM EST – As well as The Day Before, with RT and DLSS 3

11:07AM EST – As well as DLSS 3 support for Nexon's Warhaven

11:08AM EST – Still plugging games. Now on to Throne and Liberty as another game being announced to add DLSS 3 support

11:08AM EST – (YouTube's heavy compression really doesn't do these games justice)

11:09AM EST – Still going, Atomic Heart will be out in February with DLSS 3 support

11:10AM EST – Now on to GeForce Now

11:11AM EST – NVIDIA has continued to expand the service through additional partnerships

11:11AM EST – Ada Lovelace GPUs are coming to GFN

11:11AM EST – GFN will be using RTX 4080 Superpods

11:12AM EST – Available as part of the new Ultimate membership tier

11:12AM EST – Availability starting in select datacenters in late January, expanding beyond that throughout the quarter

11:13AM EST – The Ultimate tier can stream at up to 4K. $20/month

11:13AM EST – Hardware announcement! RTX 4070 Ti

11:14AM EST – This is the previously cancelled RTX 4080 10GB, which is now back as a lower tier card

11:14AM EST – Available on January 5th with prices starting at $799

11:15AM EST – The RTX 30 series will make up the rest of NVIDIA's desktop stack for the time being

11:15AM EST – Now on to mobile and laptops

11:15AM EST – The Ada Lovelace architecture is coming to laptops

11:15AM EST – RTX 40 Series laptops

11:16AM EST – NVIDIA is claiming up to 3x the power efficiency and 4x the performance (using DLSS 3, I'm sure)

11:16AM EST – Max-Q is back for this generation as well

11:17AM EST – Ada Max-Q laptops will use ultra low voltage GDDR6, as well as what they are terming "tri-speed memory" which can go to additional low-power voltage states

11:18AM EST – Introing RTX 4070, 4060, and 4050 laptops

11:19AM EST – Laptop prices start at $999, available February 22nd

11:19AM EST – Oh, RTX 4090 and 4080 as well

11:19AM EST – Starting at $1999, available February 8th

11:19AM EST – No mention of which specific GPUs are being used here

11:20AM EST – And that's gaming. On to NVIDIA Studio news

11:20AM EST – Talking up the impact of AI on content creation

11:21AM EST – As well as RTX acceleration for other creation applications

11:22AM EST – And of course, it wouldn't be an NVIDIA presentation without an Omniverse mention in there somewhere

11:22AM EST – Now rolling a lifestyle video showing how Omniverse can be used in content creation

11:23AM EST – And making sure to name drop all of the applications that can export to Omniverse via USD

11:24AM EST – And a quick Toy Jensen cameo

11:26AM EST – Audio2Face for Blender, NVIDIA's AI Toybox, RTX Remix, and more

11:26AM EST – And finally, NVIDIA's Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE)

11:27AM EST – Simplifies and semi-automates the creation of avatars

11:28AM EST – NVIDIA has also updated its impressive Canvas program with 360 degree support

11:29AM EST – Also announcing RTX Video Super Resolution. Using AI upscaling to improve web video quality

11:29AM EST – For Chrome and Edge (so, Chromium) browsers

11:29AM EST – And back to Jeff. It's already time for the recap!

11:30AM EST – Oh, that was just for graphics. Now on to NVIDIA robotics

11:32AM EST – Sounds like NVIDA is going to be focusing on Isaac here, their simulation platform for training robotics AI models

11:33AM EST – Over 1000 companies are using some part of the Isaac platform

11:33AM EST – Recapping the availability of Isaac from cloud services

11:34AM EST – And Isaac will soon be able to handle multiple robots in a single instance

11:36AM EST – Announcing the next release of Isaac today. New conveyer building tool, radar/lidar support, and more

11:36AM EST – "There's something for everyone in the new Isaac sim"

11:37AM EST – And now on to self-driving cars

11:38AM EST – Recapping NVIDIA's Drive platform, as well as the DGX and OVX systems it's backed by

11:39AM EST – As well as talking up the benefits of Drive centralizing many of the microcontrollers used throughout a car

11:40AM EST – Meanwhile, the shift to EVs is giving car designers a chance to redesign their systems, as well as to incorporate new hardware and features (e.g. self-driving computers)

11:41AM EST – NVIDIA is announcing a partnership with Foxconn, who will be building EVs based on the Drive Hyperion platform

11:41AM EST – (I had no idea Foxconn made cars. But it makes sense; they make just about everything)

11:42AM EST – GeForce Now is coming to cars

11:42AM EST – GFN will be available in internet-enabled cars

11:43AM EST – Several Drive partners are integrating GFN, including Hyundai and Polestar

11:44AM EST – Mercedes-Benz will be using Omniverse for assembly and production planning

11:44AM EST – Now rolling a short video on the subject

11:45AM EST – NVIDIA's tech is also being used to design and simulate internal physical design concepts

11:47AM EST – And that's a wrap on NVIDIA's CES 2023 keynote. Thanks for joining us!


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